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What is FPlayer ?

FPlayer (Friendly IPTV Player) is an IPTV player for LG smart TVs, operating under the control of the WebOS operating system.

Features :

  • Language support :  Russian, English;
  • download channel list from the specified URL;
  • support programmes in the XMLTV format;
  • the display start time and end time of a show;
  • the automatic timezone detection, and manual set the time zone of the program;
  • the ability to protect the channels with a pin code (parental control);
  • mark and display your favorite channel list;
  • full MagicWand controller support;
  • full WebOS 3.5 and 4 support;
  • audio track support;
  • support for channel groups;

You can read more in the user manual of the IPTV player.
You can download the FPlayer (Friendly IPTV Player) at the LG Apps store for free.

How to install FPlayer on a TV (video)

If you still have any questions, suggestions, or you found a bug - please let us know via the feedback form located HERE


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