One of the components of a comfortable viewing of IPTV is the presence of programs for your favorite channels-much nicer to watch the broadcast channel having an idea of when the current transmission will end and start the next, that will show, and in some cases, and the description of the transfer or a summary of the series/film).

Viewing the TV program on the screen of a gadget or laptop (not to mention the paper version) is inconvenient – you have to constantly look for the channel, the desired date and time – all this entails a huge number of actions that ultimately completely spoil the impression of watching TV.

TV program formats in IPTV

In order to facilitate the use of the program on all kinds of media players, smart TVs and just software for watching IP television, several standards of IPTV program have been developed. Currently, "caught" 2 of the most common format :

  • XMLTV – is the most universal and understandable format of the TV program for IPTV. It is very easy to generate, has a clear structure. Almost all modern devices support this format. XMLTV format description.
  • JTV is also a common format, but it is a set of files with a more complex structure. Used in some IPTV players for PC and IPTV set-top boxes. JTV format description.

Our player supports the most common program format – XMLTV and XMLTV.gz (with compression). The program is loaded directly into the smart TV, so it is not recommended to use the program files of large volume – this leads to an increase in the processing time of the program and, accordingly, to a deterioration in the quality of the player. It is worth remembering that the computing power of the TV is incomparable with a PC, laptop or tablet. Until now, they leave much to be desired. Detailed information on how to use the program format XMLTV in the application Friendly IPTV Player you can read the user manual.

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